what does my leadership stand for. a question posed in a Kings Fund webinar by Samantha Allen, CEO of Sussex Partnership NHS Trust. this has been going round in my head….am i clear on my role, the context, what it means to others. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m over thinking this. By stepping back, reflecting, listening and taking stock of how far my learning has come in 15 months i can truly see how much i have been able to influence. how conversation flows and hearing words such as excluded, not heard, barriers, bring feelings of curiosity, a desire to explore the conversation more and really understand the root cause of the dissatisfaction. and its nearly always something very small, not insignificant but a barrier nonetheless and it might appear immoveable..it rarely is.

and thats where the lightbulb moment has come this week…what my leadership stands for. i listen, i challenge, i know where to access information, support and resources to help facilitate bringing those barriers down. i am honest when i’m not the expert and appreciate others knowledge. i am a proud leader. working collectively with valued colleagues to make a difference. by recognising my leadership i want to inspire others to lead, to be the change they want to see as the saying goes. i’ve found my context.

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